Swarovski z6i user manual

Swarovski user manual

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Its low design makes it the perfect fit for all-round weapons, as well as for light stalking or mountain rifles. The SWAROVSKI Z6i 2nd Generation 30mm riflescopes have all the great features of the original Z6i 30mm riflescopes such as 6X zoom, the patented 4-point coil spring system and HD on the higher magnification models. Swarovski Z6i 5-30x50. · Z6i 1. Swarovski&39;s HD optics with fluoride for maximum color fidelity, resolution, and contrast are found in the high magnification Z6 models (2. 7-10x42 BT L is ideal for driven hunting and stalking.

There are four models in the Z6-series both with standard reticles and with illuminated reticles (called Z6i). 5-15 x 44mm and above). At last year’s IWA, Ziess presented their V8 model with 8 power zoom, giving the Swarovski Z6i some competition at last. (1) 1 product ratings - Swarovski 59419 Z6 2. The Ballistic Turret (BT) series of rifle scopes from SWAROVSKI OPTIK is one such swarovski z6i user manual major advancement.

The 6x zoom provides the finest detail. Its understated elegance and enhanced practical functionality are new: The slimmer and lower design of the illumination unit is even better suited to a wider choice of hunting weapons. 5-15x56: The larger objective and HD glass promise excellent light-gathering and overall exceptional optical performance. Whether you are hunting in dense. The brand new Z8i rifle scope features a 30mm (1. Swarovski BT Ballistic Turret Instructions.

In each one of these scopes, whatever the minimum magnification is the maximum magnification is 6 times the lowest power. The parallax correction swarovski z6i user manual is a must for those OLDER eyes. · Z6i 1-6x24 L. The scope provides a very clear picture and the ballistic reticle is very sharp allowing for putting the cross hairs on the target easily. 7-10x42 (BT) demonstrates its performance both on a still hunt and when hunting in a stand. The illuminated Z6i 1. I&39;ll second that response.

BT (Ballistic Turret) models allow you to set 4 predetermined distances into the turret; sight in the firearm in a few easy steps with clearly identifiable indicators swarovski z6i user manual for quick setting. MORE ELEGANT AND SMARTER. The 6x zoom scope offers an effective range of use, from a field of view suitable for still hunting to a 15x magnification for accurate long-range shots. Add a ballistic turret to the standard parallax correction and nothing will be safe day or night. 7-10x42 Riflescope Original Price $ 2,610. View & download of more than 62 Swarovski Optik PDF user manuals, service manuals, operating guides. Swarovski Z6i Rifle Scope models: Swarovski Z6i 1-6x24 - With an impressive 127.

2 Rifle Scopes instruction manual Turn the knurled knob of the windage turret in the opposite direction to R (clockwise). The illuminated Z6i 2. OPENING HOURS Monday 8am - 5pm Tuesday 8am - 5pm Wednesday 8am - 5pm Thursday 8am - 5pm Friday 8am - 5pm Saturday 8am - swarovski z6i user manual 12pm Sunday CLOSED.

Firearms, ammunition and rifle scopes have become more advanced over the last few years allowing for the harvesting of game at longer distances than previously thought possible. 7-10x42 and 2-12x50. · User Manual.

The illuminated Z6i 1-6x24 L stands out thanks to its 127. 65-inch Swarovski rifle scope is compact enough to take on long hunting trips. The Swarovski Z6i Riflescopes range, available since, is built for situations when even seconds are critical.

It is versatile to use thanks to its 12x magnification and large field of view, making it perfect for driven hunting. Z6i Sort by: Featured Items Newest Items Bestselling Alphabetical: A to Z Alphabetical: Z to A Avg. The illuminated Z6i 1-6x24 SR stands out thanks to its 127. SWAROVSKI Z6i RIFLE SCOPE. It is versatile to use thanks to its 12x magnification and large field of view, making it perfect for still or stand hunting.

the ds from swarovski optik is the ideal choice of rifle scope because it allows us to concentrate totally on the essentials. SWAR-02-AMag-Type. The correct aiming point is automatically displayed, taking into account distance, air pressure, temperature, and angle. and ability to keep both eyes open for close shooting. 5-15x44 P BT, Z6i 2-12x50 BT Z6(i) 2.

The ballistic turret can be separately adjusted to your personal requirements, allowing you to stay on target at different distances. · Swarovski offers the Z6 in a selection of five different reticles including the 4, 4A, PLEX, CD, and TDS-PLEX. In, SWAROVSKI OPTIK introduced a 30mm main tube rifle scope with power factor of 6, thus the Z6 series. Includes the user manual. 5-15x56 offers a number of surprising innovations. HD optics and lateral parallax correction guarantee a faultless image.

Availability of each is variable depending on the model you choose. However, it shouldn’t be taken for granted that other manufacturers will adopt these innovations as the new standard in either the same or in modified form over the years to come. 2 inch) central tube and a 8x zoom. · Competition at its best! 7x magnification and jumping all the way to a. · Swarovski z6i gen. The Swarovski Z6i 1-6x24 Illuminated Rifle Scope ensures that your target acquisition is at its best even in the most difficult viewing situations. Long-range BRT reticle allows for precise shooting out to 500 meters Comes supplied with decals of popular “AR” cartridges in 16” and 20” barrel lengths plus 5 blank decals for customizing.

Swarovski Z6i 5-30x50 SFP non. · The Z6i 1. Illuminated Dot (in Z6i) allows for intuitive fast aiming.

Swarovski takes the technology of the Z6i to a new level with its SWAROLIGHT innovation. The Swarovski Z6 is exceptional quality optics and is very obvious in low light conditions. The Z6i is also available in a range of five different reticles including the 4-I, 4A-I, CD-I, LD-I, and TDS-4I. This means that on the lowest magnification the Z6-series have up to 50% greater FOV than other scopes! 7-10x42 - Considered by many to be the best scope for “all around” hunting. 5 m field of view with a 1x magnification, which provides a larger overview when hunting. This new function allows for higher battery life by automatically switching on only when you move into firing position, giving you perfect visibility developed for real-life conditions right when you need it.

In, the Z6(i) 2. This year it was Swarovski Optik’s turn to show their masterpiece, the Z8i. The 50 mm rifle scope is the ideal choice for professional hunters as it provides highly reliable magnification in any type of terrain.

· Z6i 1-6x24 SR. 5ft field of view, you will certainly have the edge over others, especially when hunting a moving target. Customer Review Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Swarovski - Z6i - 2. Product: html Swarovski Z6i Riflescopes. At the same time, the Swarovski Z6 2-12x50 L is lighter than other similar devices on the market, weighing just over 1 lb.

5-15x56 P BT, Z6(i) 3-18x50 P BT, Z6(i) 5-30x50 P BT The Ballistic Turret can also be factory fitted retrospectively on all of the above models. Starting with a 1. See full list on basspro. As most are already aware, the Swarovski riflescope Z6i 2. · Z6i 2. 5-6x42 in the last week, and the Z6i needs much more careful eye placement to get a good view through the scope at 6x. Swarovski Z6i 1-6x24 Gen-2 4-I for sale - get unbeatable prices, user reviews, expert advice and FREE shipping on rifle scopes! Perfect for medium range, this Rifle Scope from Swarovski is the best option for less typical hunting scenarios.

(70 new value) Add 3% for Credit Card Shipping . Swarovski Z6i 2-12x50: The perfect twilight scope for any application. 5-15x44 P BT L the ideal companion when hunting on rough terrain. Now, if I could just find a 1-6x42, life would be perfect. Three models were first introduced; 1-6x24, 1. Swarovski Z6i 3-18X50 Rifle Scope Description: Super Swarovski Z6i 3-18X50 Rife Scope, illuminated reticle, ballistic turret, and parallax turret. 7-10x42 BT, Z6(i) 2. The 6x magnification means that you can sight your quarry reliably and take an accurate shot over a medium-range distance.

5-15x44 Riflescope BRH Reticle 30mm Tube SFP Matte Black. 5-15x56 P - SFP - BRH-I Ret - 69537. This scope had been fully factory serviced and is in like new condition! 5-15x56 P BT L is brilliant and multipurpose, designed for hunting at twilight.

/07 saw the launch of the Swarovski Z6, the first viable hunting riflescope with 6x adjustable. Features of Swarovski Z6i 2. , Telescope user manuals, operating guides & specifications. Detailed assembly instructions (3D animation) and our ballistics programme are available at: WWW. The illuminated Z6i 2-12x50 L rifle scope has a appealing design and can also be used in poor light conditions. This slim rifle scope overcomes any challenge on any terrain.

I&39;ve shot both the Z6i and a Zeiss 1. This is because its immense field of view and 6x zoom support versatile use, which ranges, being totally suitable for hunting, from the forest, across fields, and into the mountains. 00 Reticle Quantity Quantity Add to cart. · Z6i 2-12x50 BT L. · Z6i 2. The lightweight design and high magnification with a small objective lens diameter make the illuminated Z6i 2. 5-15x56 Millimeter Illuminated Riflescope: Identify and hit the target faster and with greater accuracy with a 50% more field of view range; With a 50% more greater magnification range it is now possible to be ready at any time for an accurate shot whether close or far away.

00 Current Price $ 2,349. Swarovski Z6i BT close-up. The Z6i offers the same unequalled precision, flexibility and safety typical for all previous Z6i models. Swarovski Z6i capped close-up. The illuminated Z6i 2-12x50 BT L rifle scope has a beautiful design and can also be used in poor light conditions. The impact point correction per click can be taken from the enclosed technical data sheet or the information printed on the elevation or windage adjustment turret of your rifle scope.

Ideal for hunting running games and long distance shots, the Swarovski scopes can be used for hunting in dense woodlands, taking prairie shots, and aiming in low light/ twilight conditions. However, the new zoom from Swarovski is a true 6X without any hint of tunnel effect.

Swarovski z6i user manual

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